Gettin’ shit DONE

I’ve been a busy girl.

Inspector Pancakes: Books are almost here! Can’t wait for you to caress them in your sweet sticky hands. More details at (you can also buy a copy of the ebook and audiobook now)!

Awwww yeahhhh

And it looks AMAZING

Dreadful Sirens: A naked titty pirate comic I’m making with Steve LeCouilliard about the adventures of Anne Bonny and Mary Read. It is wonderful and filthy and Steve’s art is so fucking good, y’all.

Pay what you like to download the entire first chapter!

Find it in the "Naked Titty Pirate Comic" section

I shouldn’t have to clarify it’s NSFW but hooooly shit it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

New World: THE one and only Spike C. Trotman, queen of comic anthologies and Kickstarter is about to launch a new book and I have a story in it with Kory Bing! I’m really excited about this one, and incredibly proud of the comic Kory and I made.


Ohhhh shiiiiii

I have a few other projects percolating, AND I even have some official appearances this summer! That’s really fucked up and I don’t even know how to deal with it!

But come see me anyway:

VanCAF: May 23rd & 24th, Vancouver, BC (Canada!)  I’ll be hosting a special panel, Inspector Pancakes And His Terrible Friends on Sunday the 24th. I’ll also be a part of the Cloudscape Book Launch Friday the 22nd.

SPX: Sept 19-20th, Bethesda, MD (with Topatoco)

TopatoCon: September 25th – 27th, Northampton, MA

Holy shit that’s a lot of exciting stuff. So uh…thank you for liking me? That’s pretty cool of you. You’re cool.

Seriously though. Holy shit.

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