Short, Drunk, Bitter

Under The Wagon started back in, oh…2000 and something…when bored Chicago DJ Karla Pacheco decided to take “over-sharing” to a whole new level. Originally a chronicle of gin-fueled embarrassment and rampant sluttery, Under The Wagon slowly matured (unlike its author) into a wider creative outlet for fiction, essays, and occasionally thoughtful drunken musings. When National Lampoon editor Jay Pinkerton took notice of the site in 2005, Ms. Pacheco set the international comedy community on fire got 25 bucks to write dick jokes on a real website.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pinkerton realized a woman who could craft a finely honed cock joke was a rare jewel, and Karla realized that Jay was a hot piece of prime Canadian ass. Karla quit the radio biz and moved to Los Angeles to sit on Jay’s couch all day eating cheetos. They later moved to New York to work for Cracked, tied the knot in September 2006, and finally ended up in Seattle. They have two dogs. They still tell a lot of dick jokes.

Karla is currently a full-time housewife (for real. It’s fucking hilarious.) and occasional free-lance writer for whomever will pay her.

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