Scenes from a Marriage: A Love Story

Lovers loving lovingly

Jay: “I’m gonna grill up those steaks, you wanna get them ready?”

Karla: “Nothing for me, thanks. I’m not hungry.”

Jay: “Really? But…when we were fooling around earlier your stomach was growling really loudly.”

Karla: “That was just gas. I was holding in this massive fart the whole time.”

Jay: “….”

Karla: “Yeah, I had like a ton of burritos for lunch.” 

Classy people being classy

Jay: “Why do you take a shower before you go work out?”

Karla: “Oh, you know, it helps wake me up.  And sometimes I get kind of sweaty when I’m sleeping at night.”

Jay: “Makes sense, I guess.”

Karla: “Also, since I work out Monday-Wednesday-Friday, I usually don’t shower on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

Jay: “Jesus christ! KARLA!”

You’re stuck with me forever

Jay: “I’m not buying you pajamajeans.”