Scenes From A Marriage The Third: Classy Folk

Totally on Fire for YOU

Jay: “You wanna go pick up some chinese food? I found a cheaper place than Jade Dragon, but they don’t deliver.”
Me: “Just call Jade Dragon. I already took my pants off.”
Jay: “You would rather spend 30 dollars than put pants on?”
Me: “Did I stutter?”

Our Passion Burns

Me:”OH MY GOD, JAY! There is pee EVERYWHERE in here!”
Jay: “WHAT? Like in the living room?”
Me: “NO! The bathroom. All over the floor!”
Jay: “Ohh, you mean MY pee. I thought you meant the dogs had peed in the living room or something. That would have been bad.”


Jay: “Well aren’t you just Wikipedia in a box.”
Me: “More like Wikipedia IN my box!”
Jay: “Annnd there it is.”
Me: “Because the pages stick together.”
Jay: “I’m leaving…”
Me: “Also, like a ton of people have had their had hands in it.”
Jay: “…FOREVER!”

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