Shilling For Your Thoughts

Good news, cocks and kittens! I’ve written the world’s worst children’s book “Inspector Pancakes Helps the President of France Solve the White Orchid Murders!” You’ll be able to pre-order a really nice version of the book when the Kickstarter starts next month, but for a short while still you can buy the DIY version (and snag a few of my other ridiculously bad ideas while you’re at it)!

on Square Market
Oh yeah, I have a store now. It is an amusing thing to gawk at, even if you (wisely) aren’t purchasing anything.

In other Important Karla News:

: boo!Holiday

I am SUPER-EXCITED to announce the first-ever non-Halloween issue of BOO! from Monkeybrain, the BOO! 2014 HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Yule be screaming (har!) after these stories from KELLY TINDALL, DYLAN TODD, MATTHEW DIGGES, MATT SMIGIEL, KARLA PACHECO, SEAN POPPE, SCOTT FAULKNER, JORDAN WITT, RJ WHITE and MANNING KRULL, with cover art by yours truly! 99 cents for seven terrifying yuletide tales – it goes on sale on CHRISTMAS EVE, HOW SPOOOOOOKY IS THAT??? Not very, really, but consider it a special gift under your digital tree!

My comic is a creepy short about AN EVIL KING and YULE LOGS! Illustrated by the ever charming Sean Poppe.

I’m also working on a filthy, “historical-ish” lady pirate comic book about Mary Read and Anne Bonney with amazing artist Steve LeCouilliard. It is called DREADFUL SIRENS, it is a ton of fun and seriously, no fooling, I’m not fucking joking – it is really, really filthy.

ALSO ALSO, and this is HUGE: I was accepted into Spike Trotman’s latest comic anthology project NEW WORLD. Spike is basically my hero when it comes to self-publishing and she always puts out phenomenal books. I’m overwhelmed, honored, and beyond excited to be a part of it. I’ll be working with the marvelous Kory Bing who has her own Kickstarter running right now, go help her out and get yourself some cool comics!

So anyway…I’m writing comics now! I guess I should have mentioned that earlier. I’ll be appearing at the Vancouver Comic Art Festival in May, and will hopefully have some fine sequential wares to sell you all in person! I should also be running around at a few other cons this year, I will keep ya’ posted.

As you may have figured out, it’s been a pretty amazing year for your ol’ pal Karla. I’m working with incredible people on unbelievable projects (including a few I can’t talk about yet) and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Thank you so much for sticking around.

In the meantime, go buy some of my filth, why dontcha?