12 Surprising Examples of Clickbait Headlines That Work

Clickbait headlines don’t have to be spammy or misleading. Write attention-grabbing titles without risking your brand’s reputation. Follow these examples.

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11,000 YEAR OLD CARVINGS not far from Göbekli Tepe make for CLICKBAIT HEADLINES

Yes, much of the press had a heyday with this one. A pre-pottery neolithic relief discovered in an excavation under the village of Sayburç, not far from Göbekli Tepe, has had some heads in quite a spin; not only does the main image of a man seemingly grasping his member while under attack by two leopards raise an eyebrow or two, but the whole of the carving has been interpreted as the world’s earliest example of narrative art.

Here’s our take on this head-turning prehistoric archaeological discovery.

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – Those headlines!
02:30 – A little context
06:14 – Other carvings in the area
07:49 – The Sayburç carving itself
11:45 – Is this a narrative scene?
14:40 – An alternative story?
16:22 – The meaning in the room.
18:30 – Outro & goodbyes

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CLICKBAIT explained

What is clickbait and why do we see so much of it online? This simple explainer shows how to spot clickbait and why it should be avoided.

You will not believe it – 100 videos on the channel

You will not believe it – 100 videos on the channel

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