7 Signs Your Law Firm May Need a New SEO Partner

Here are seven big reasons why law firms drop their SEO (or digital marketing) partner, as well as how law firms can find a dependable, long-term partner.

Personal Injury Mastermind -147. John DeGasperis, Basch & Keegan Personal Injury Attorneys

With over 2 million likes and 70,000 followers on TikToc, social media is a critical element of rainmaking for John DeGasperis. The Partner at Basch & Keegan Personal Injury Attorneys, John also sees it as a tool to build community. He pays for his robust marketing team out of pocket to maintain creative control and solidify his personal brand. Rather than create content, his crew follows him everywhere, documenting his day-to-day. A great trial attorney, John brings each case he takes on to life – often using over 50 exhibits per trial. He shares with us his wisdom from years in the courtroom.
What’s In This Episode?
Who is John DeGasperis? (https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-a-degasperis-esq-06625923/)
Why was hard work not enough to secure the position of partner at his firm at such a young age?
Did rainmaking come naturally to John?
After recovering millions of dollars for clients has the opposition gotten more challenging?
What tech does he use in the courtroom to win cases?
What is the most important component of winning a case?
How does social media fit into John’s business strategy?
Why does he not bill marketing to the firm?
How does he document everything for social content?

Elite personal injury attorneys and leading edge marketers give you exclusive access to growth strategies for your firm. Host Chris Dreyer brings his expertise in legal marketing, honed through years of work with hundreds of law firms across the country. Being at the forefront of marketing is all about understanding, which is why PIMM features marketing luminaries like Seth Godin and Neil Patel. Previous marketing guests also include Rand Fishkin, Chris Do, and John Ruhlin and previous elite personal injury attorney guests include John Gomez (Gomez Trial Attorneys), Joe Fried (Fried Goldberg), and Ed Herman (Brown & Crouppen), to name but a few.
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LawHer – Ep 02: Lauren Wood, Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys

Successful trial lawyers understand empathy, effectively communicating the humanity of their client to the jury. For over a decade Lauren Wood, Senior Lawyer at Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys, has advocated for personal injury victims in California, obtaining hundreds of six and seven-figure verdicts and settlements – in no small part thanks to her commitment to travel. Lauren believes that travel is an ideal way to gain human lessons on understanding, compassion, and empathy.

Named a Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Star four years in a row, Lauren’s career is a perfect example of passion inspiring innovation. Curiosity led her from civil defense to personal injury law where she thrived in trial and earned a position as a partner for over 10 years. I sat down with Lauren to discuss her career and how she is creating supportive and educational spaces through travel for women in law and The Women in Trial Travel Summit.
What’s In This Episode?
-Who is Lauren Wood?
-How having an undefined path leaves room for discovery
-What was Lauren’s path to becoming a partner at a law firm
-Which cases had the most impact on Lauren’s career
-How Lauren blends her two passions: law and travel
-How Lauren is building a continuing education conference for women in law
-Which women young lawyers should be following

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