Google My Business Listing Suspended? Here's How to Recover

Did your Google My Business listing get suspended? Follow these steps to fix your GMB profile problems and request for reinstatement.

Google Business Suspension In 2023 – Investigating the Profile

Weeks and Weeks: When Google Suspends a Business
Full Video Watch To Find Out, Can I Fix My Google Business Suspension?
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Google My Business Listing Suspended Fixed 100% , Resolve GMB Issues 2022, How to Fix Suspended GMB?

In year 2022, Learn the Tips for How to Fix Google My Business Suspended Due To Quality Issues?
is your Google My Business this location has been suspended due to quality issues?
Google My Business Listing Suspended? Learn to fix it 100% with live example of fixing step by step and resolve your problem of suspended GMB.
Hi I am Gaurav Dubey Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer. I was facing the same issue of Google Business Listing Suspension and I was trying to resolve and fix the issue of suspended GMB. When i tried to reinstate first time then Google denied to reinstate is for first time. Even i followed the all steps to reinstate like i answered all questions of GMB asked during reinstate time. I entered my name, my email id my business name, URL of of the business dashboard mobile number etc. Google reverted that our Google my business team will review your request and reply within 24-48 hours.
after 48 hours i got a mail that due to quality issue we cant reinstate your business page. I was fedup that 40% of all queries of my whole business depends on Google business page only and if this will not be available in search engine then it will be too much loss. I replied that mail and told all the history of my business page that i have been using for last 5 years, there are more than 100 reviews and many photos available in my listing. Please help to reinstate Google My Business Page & if you are unable to do please explain that what steps are wrong in my page that it was suspended automatically, even i had not made any changes recently. They replied that you have managers in your pages their quality is not good. So instantly removed all managers from my page and again applied to reinstate. Google denied again to reinstate my business page.
Now what to do? How to Do?
I reminded that in 2018 same thing happened with one of my client Business listing of Google.
That time also Google was denying to make my Google My Business live. So client suggested to make another Google Business listing. I created and then i mailed to Google to transfer all the credentials of my suspended page to my new GMB. You cant believe that Google did the same any my Client GMB was live within 7 days with all the previous data.
Same thing i did here to make my business page live. And Google had transferred all the reviews ratings photos etc to my new business page. In this way you can also try to fix your suspended Googly My Business Page and reinstate successfully with 100% original data.
Thank You for Watching this Video Follow this Trick and Get Successful Result.

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Google My Business Suspension Prevention and Recovery Reinstatement Updates 2022

GMB Suspension Prevention and Reinstatement for 2022
Google My Business Local SEO has become more important for local businesses over time…and one of the worst things that can happen is waking up to a “your business has been suspended/disabled” messages from Google! Don’t panic!
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“Your Google My Business has been suspended due to quality issues” strikes fear into every business owner!

There are ways to get your listing reinstated…sometimes very quickly!

But, yeah, I know, dealing with Google My Business support can be VERY frustrating because you often get the same robotic response over and over again.

So, I also talk in this video how to reduced your chances of your Google My Business getting disabled or suspended…

…so you don’t ever have to deal with GMB Support!


What to Do When Your Google My Business Listing is Suspended

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