How to Create Google My Business Posts That Get Results

Learn best practices for publishing Google My Business Posts that get results, clicks, and calls, plus what to do if your posts get rejected.

How to Create a Google My Business Listing that Gets Results!

The Atlantic Communications Committee is pleased to offer another lunch n’ learn webinar called How to Create a Google My Business Listing that Gets Results!

Where do Visitors See My Google My Business Posts – Ask the Gorilla #9

For those highly-intelligent apes making Google My Business posts, the reasonable next step would be to find out where people can see them! Here’s where to look.

Google My Business Dashboard:

Ask the Gorilla Help Article Link ��:

Google My Business is the most underrated tool that we have at our disposal to generate leads and help customers get familiar with your business. We are here to help you save time and see real results with your Google My Business page.

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How To Create A Google My Business Post or Event | GMB Basics | Results Repeat

Have you ever wondered how to create a post or event on Google My Business (GMB)? This quick tutorial will show you the basic steps from navigating the screens as well as walking you through which options to choose.

Google My Business posts are similar to any other social media post but they also have the benefit of showing up when people search for you on Google. You can create and share announcements, event details, special offers, or products directly with your customers.

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Google My Business Basics:

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ULTIMATE Google Business Profile Tutorial For Maximum Results | 7 Simple Strategies

Today I dive into an updated Google Business Profile (Formally called Google My Business) tutorial for Beginners.

In this video, I share 7 simple strategies that you can execute right away to drive more website traffic, foot traffic, phone calls, leads and ultimately more sales.

Google My Business is one of the most important tools for local businesses.

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Looking for an in-depth course to help you rank in the 3 pack (Google Map Pack)? Here is our marketing partners full course to help you drive more leads and sales:

► How to add your local business to Google maps:

► How to make a free website with Google My Business:

► How to make a free website with Google Sites:

► How to link GMB and Google Ads together and create a location extension:

► Find out the top citations in your country here:

Today we cover the following chapters in this Google My Business tutorial:

0:00 Intro
01:18 Getting started
02:36 Google My Business
03:25 Review information + keywords
06:16 Create a free website
08:58 Leverage GMB posts
11:22 Consistently update photos
12:44 despond & capture reviews
13:52 Link & leverage Google Ads
15:18 Build citations
18:12 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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