Here's Your B2B Multichannel Full-Funnel Strategy In 5 Simple Steps

This 5 step guide shows marketers how to unlock the benefits of an effective B2B full-funnel marketing with multichannel strategy & tactics.

B2B Marketing Strategy: 2 Funnels You Need To Get B2B Clients

Advanced B2B Marketing Course:

B2B Marketing Strategy: 2 Funnels You Need To Get B2B Clients

In this video, I show you 2 types of B2B marketing funnels that will help you get more B2B clients for your business.

These advanced B2B funnels can help you massively increase your conversion

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Marketing & Sales Funnel with Salesforce

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Watch us help a digital marketer redo their B2B sales funnel and website strategy (deep dive!)

If you’re a digital marketer, B2B person, or anyone trying to get more clients, watch as we go through our 5-step process to help reimagine someone’s entire business.

�� In this third installment of Growing Through It, you’ll meet Andrew. Andrew left his corporate marketing career to start his own marketing agency (Hotcano ��). Andrew needed help getting clarity on his website copy and figuring out how to position his marketing services to sound less generic to his potential clients.

B2B website best practices can be hard to implement when you’re too close to your business. Our goal was to show Andrew (and you!) how to better position his website and copy to speak to his ideal customer. We also helped him build a B2B sales funnel that should lead more clients his way!

This video is part of a series we’re calling Growing Through It, where we do a deep-dive on a member of our email list’s business. We apply a 5-part checklist we’ve created to find any areas that need improvement (which should lead to more customers and a more streamlined business).

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Here are some handy-dandy timestamps:

0:00 – Introduction and what Growing Through It is all about ����‍������‍��
0:44 – Meet Andrew ��, a B2B business owner looking to get more clients
1:27 – Our TOP 3 recommendations for Andrew’s HOTCANO business ��
1:51 – PART 1️⃣: The Brand Foundation (4 questions exercise)
6:12 – PART 2️⃣: Your Product or Service Offering (what do you sell?)
6:30 – �� Hot Tip �� Why you must narrow down your offerings to get more clients
8:26 – ⚡️ If you’re a digital marketer, use the “Key Services” trick
12:47 – PART 3️⃣: Marketing Strategy & Customer Journey (marketing bridges)
14:45 – �� Steal this marketing idea for your biz!
17:28 – PART 4️⃣: Audience Building (“content salad” exercise)
18:59 – �� If you don’t have 8-10 foundation articles, here’s why you need them
23:00 – ��Social media strategy for any B2B company
23:59 – PART 5️⃣: Website Optimization (4Qs clarity test)
25:03 – APSOSA framework (do this exercise for your website!)
28:43 – ������ The big reveal! BEFORE vs AFTER! ������
29:10 – **Bonus** We redesigned Andrew’s Services page too!
30:38 – The wrap-up dance! ����


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How to Create Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Strategy for 2023

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How to Create a Full-Funnel B2B Marketing Strategy for 2023.

Too many B2B companies think that GTM strategy is a 40-page document about mission, values, and other corporate fluff nobody cares about.

GTM strategy is being crystal clear about:

– Who are you going to market?
– How are you going to stand out and differentiate your product while resonating with target buyers?
– Where these buyers are searching for professional information and how do they buy?
– How are you going to attract their attention and make them interested in your product?
– What skillset and budget do you need?
– How will you measure the efficacy of your strategy?

While it sounds obvious, most B2B companies I know can’t clearly answer these questions.

Here is the framework we use.

1. Full-funnel analysis and sales pipeline velocity to understand:

– Where we are currently
– What realistic revenue goals can we set
– Weakest stages of the full funnel
– How do we grow currently

2. Market segmentation including:

Revenue from different markets and segments,
Market/vertical segmentation scoring to find the most lucrative segments

3. Customer research to:

Understand how customers are buying and channels they use
Who is involved in the buying process
Value they get from the product and how they see it is different from the competition

4. Ideal Customer Profile based on the customer research:

Ideal account description
Buying committee structure
Account segmentation

5. Positioning and unique value proposition.

Both are part of your marketing message which communicates why your product is different and worth buying.

6. Buying process.

Based on customer interviews, we extract different triggers that motivate buyers to start looking or learning more about your product.

For each trigger, we map out the steps they take. For each step, map out:

– Buying committee members involved
– Information they sought
– Critical questions, concerns or doubts they had

7. Full-funnel marketing plan including:

— Awareness campaigns
— Demand generation
— Demand capturing
— Activation programs
— Client success
— Expansion
— Channels & communities

8. Budgeting and team set up:

Skillset and responsibilities

9. Metrics.

Campaign measurement report & target metrics
Integrated revenue report

10. Team alignment and buy-in.


Forget about linear marketing and sales processes.

For stable long-term growth, you need to know your best customers, and how they buy and adopt your marketing & sales.

P.S. Join me and Vladimir Blagojević to take a deep dive into our B2B marketing strategy framework.