What's In Your Toolkit? 30+ Expert-Approved Content Marketing Tools

Looking to improve content quality and find efficiencies in your process? Check out these 30+ tools content experts use for writing & more.

Top 3 Tools for Video Content Marketing: Going Visual #7

Ever wonder if there is a magic formula for successful video marketing?

Despite it being a relatively new field, there are a few hard rules as well as tools that can help launch you into success with your internet marketing strategy.

In this video, Nik presents his top 3 video marketing tools.

The basics:
1. Facebook Ads are crucial
2. Bomb Bomb
3. YouTube

And much much more. Check the video for all the details.

Enjoy and start implementing to make your business GO VISUAL today!

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Quick tips and tricks with Nik Koyama, founder of The Visual Era.

Released daily, #GoingVisual is all about short and succinct ideas to best utilize video and change your business and life.

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The Visual Era is a movement. We believe that every business must go visual as soon as possible. The landscape of media, relationship building and marketing are changing at lightning speeds. Video is the next frontier.

With The Visual Era:

Trained videographers will finally learn how to make a positive impact on local business with their art.

Marketers and advertisers will learn how to use video to help their clients succeed.

And small business leaders will learn to use video to find success and live their best life.

It is with this vision we look forward to the future of video, our clients, students and The Visual Era.

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Best Content Marketing Tools

Welcome back for Episode 36 of The Hoth’s Learning Hub Series. These videos will help you better understand SEO and help you become an SEO expert fast.

Today we’re going to show you the best content marketing tools and software used by professionals, like us, daily!!

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Best Content Marketing Tools

7 Must-Try Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is an effective way to get your company’s voice out there and share it with others. Using a content marketing tool helps marketers determine the right content types and measure their success in getting views, shares, reach, and conversions.

To market your business successfully, you need to know what content marketing tools are out there. In this video we will look at some of the most popular content marketing tools for businesses like Buzzsumo, AnwerThePublic, Asana, and much more.

Tools To Improve Your Content Marketing – Module 3 – Lesson 3 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today I want to teach you guys how to track the results of your content and set up your analytics correctly. So then that way you can get the maximum results and fine tune and optimize your content marketing efforts for sales, revenue, leads.

Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/
Google Tag Manager – tagmanager.google.com

Action Items: https://neilpatel.com/training

Playlist – Content Marketing Unlocked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_rULUbLqE4 &list=PLJR61fXkAx134Wp5NgFSP5-nIruNRm033

And it all really starts with Google Analytics. It is a super effective tool out there. So you want to go to analytics.google.com and that’s where you can end up signing up. You want to end up using analytics to formulate hypothesis about content performance, determine questions to support it, create a report to answer questions with data. And of course, take action and measure the results. And we’ll go through all of these, but first we need to teach you how to set up Google Analytics effectively.

First, you need to create goals. Goals help us measure how often users complete specific actions. And once you have your goals, you want to go into Google Analytics, click on Admin. You want to click on Goals, and then you want to click New Goal. You want to click from one of the templates and you want to typically click the one that is most relevant to what you’re looking to do.

Usually you need to give a name for your goal. And then you want to start defining the specifics. Like if you put in, it’s a specific destination, you’ll want to put it in the URL. So that way it can be tracked.

And then of course, once you’re done with it, make sure you turn Recording on, so that way you can track all the data from that goal. If you already have Google Analytics set up, but you don’t have goal tracking set up, once you do this, your past data won’t update, but new data going forward will have data when it comes to goals.

Now I recommend also creating multiple alerts within analytics. So Google Analytics also has a alert feature. And this is when it notifies you when something happens like, your traffic spikes or drops, or plateaus, or revenue decreases or high bounce rates.

You want to save it, and you pretty much make it to whatever you want it to be around. I also want you to use data to make informed decisions about your business. And this is why analytics is super important to set up.

So you click the little arrow, helps you set up annotations. Click Create New Annotation, and you can type in what you did during that day, and it’s just a little note. So if things go great for you, good. If they go bad, well you can go back and adjust.

So you can see how your social media traffic’s doing year over year. And when you’re looking at this, I also like looking at Referrals for social traffic, cause I can see specifics from Twitter to Facebook.

And that leads me into Google Search Console. So when you go into Search Console and you log in, set it up, if you already haven’t. You want to click on search results.

That’s how you increase your click through rate. And usually if you want to improve your click through rate, what you’ll want to do is rewrite your post content, make it more engaging, include the keywords that you’re getting impressions for in Search Console, but aren’t ranking highly for. You want to include images, surveys, update your title, update your meta description.

Next, I want you to set up Google Tag Manager. And what this allows you to do is manage all your tracking, your IDs, your analytics, all the different stuff that you’re doing in one easy place. So just set up Tag Manager. It’s super simple.

Of course, on top of that, you have to track conversions, from event tracking goals. When you do use Google Tag Manager, a lot of that stuff comes built in and it just helps set things up really easy when it comes to your AdWords or your remarketing, or if you’re running YouTube ads. So that way you don’t have to do stuff as manual.

And of course, last but not least, I want you to set up tracking and Ubersuggest. So in Ubersuggest go to the dashboard, put in your URL, put in the keywords that you want to rank for, that you got from Search Console.

Ubersuggest connects with your Search Console, so it’ll automatically plug them in if you don’t know them. Select the ones you want and check your mobile and desktop rankings over time and track your rankings.

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